Friday, June 8, 2012

Mountain Dew Jelly. Perfect for Father's Day

Looking for an AWESOME Father’s Day gift? Why not Mountain Dew Jelly? Yeah, you read that correctly. Slather his morning toast with Mountain Dew Jelly. This activity is a little too much for the little ones. In fact, my 14 year old and I made this together this morning for my husband’s birthday and we are slightly lucky we didn’t burn our kitchen down.

What you need:
3 ¼ Cups Mountain Dew
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
4 ½ Cups sugar
1 package Sure-Jell or Certo pectin
Lidded canning jars, 3 large or 6 small

***Have your ingredients measured out, you jars cleaned and ready, and read all directions on both this and your pectin package beforehand because things move rapidly***
Pour the Dew and lemon juice together in a large pot. A good size spaghetti pot will be best to make sure you don’t boil over.
Over medium high heat bring this mixture to a boil and boil for 3 minutes while actively stirring.
Let mixture cool slightly, just a few minutes.
At this point you want to follow the directions on your pectin package. The run down is that over medium high heat you will gradually mix the sugar into the Dew mixture while CONSTANTLY stirring. You want to make sure that they sugar is completely dissolved before moving on. You will need to boil your mixture for 1 minute before adding the pectin in. Again, follow the directions on your pectin package for best results.
When the mixture is complete quickly pour it into your already cleaned and ready to go jars and screw the lids on.
Let the closed jars sit on the counter overnight then store them in your fridge.
For those of you who are canning pros you can soak your lidded jars in your boiling water bath for 10 minutes and when done properly your jelly can last for a year in a cool dark cabinet.